How To Install Survloop

Updated March 27, 2021 by Morgan Lesko

To install Survloop, you'll need first need PHP 8.0 and Composer installed in your development environment. These more comprehensive instructions describe how to set up a development environment using VirutalBox, Vargrant, and Laravel's Homestead:

Basic Installation: Laravel & Survloop

For these instructions, the new project directory is "survproject".

% composer create-project laravel/laravel survproject "8.5.*"
% cd survproject
% nano .env

Edit the environment file (.env) to set the URL and connect your MYSQL database.

% php artisan key:generate
% php artisan cache:clear
% composer require rockhopsoft/survloop
% nano composer.json
"autoload": {
    "psr-4": {
        "RockHopSoft\\Survloop\\": "vendor/rockhopsoft/survloop/src/",
}, ...

Editing config/app.php seems to still be needed:

% composer update
% nano config/app.php
'providers' => [
'aliases' => [
    'Survloop' => 'RockHopSoft\Survloop\SurvloopFacade',
], ...
% php artisan config:clear
% php artisan route:clear
% php artisan view:clear
% echo "0" | php artisan vendor:publish --force
% composer dump-autoload

Fill Database
% php artisan migrate --force
% php artisan db:seed --force --class=SurvloopSeeder
% php artisan db:seed --force --class=ZipCodeSeeder
% php artisan db:seed --force --class=ZipCodeSeeder2
% php artisan db:seed --force --class=ZipCodeSeeder3
% php artisan db:seed --force --class=ZipCodeSeeder4

Initialize Survloop Installation

If everything went well, this script should preload the system CSS before you open your first page in the browser, and just returns a smiley face:

% curl http://survproject.local/css-reload

Browse to the home page, and it should prompt you to create the first admin user account:

If everything looks janky, then manually load the style sheets, etc:

After logging in as an admin, this link rebuilds many supporting files:

Then you should be able to open the home page, and log in.

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